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February 2018

Data Recovery

Acronis Delivers Broad knowledge Protection for Apps and knowledge in Microsoft Environments

Data protection ensures its integrity and reliability making it a critical requirement for any business. Acronis offers comprehensive protection, backup and recovery for data on the following Microsoft platforms

Microsoft Hyper-V

Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines (VMS)

Windows PC, Windows Server, Laptop and Surface Data

Microsoft business applications such as office 365

Acronis Backup 12 which supports Microsoft systems such as Azure, Office 365, Windows Server, Windows Pc and workloads from Exchange, SQL Server, Active Directory, SharePoint and Intune offers the quickest backup solution which protects your data. It’s the most advanced backup solution that offers 15- second RTOs supporting up to 21 platforms. Whether your data is in the cloud, on mobile devices, remote systems or on-premise this is the fastest backup solution in the market today.

The Enterprise File Sync and Share Enable secure access to files, synchronization, and sharing of files between Microsoft and other servers’ endpoints. It allows for deployment of Intune mobile content manager in Azure with OneDrive and Sharepoint Online to help users easily migrate to office 365.

Acronis’ Cloud Disaster Recovery deploys a cloud-based data backup disaster recovery for Hyper-V and Microsoft Windows environments. It enables for recovery of Microsoft workloads including Exchange, office 365, Sharepoint, Active Directory and SQL at a granular level.

Its System Provisioning and Deployment system allocate Microsoft OS and software to one or several hundred machines in one step. It also supports provisioning of Windows 10 and Windows Server on tablets, laptops, desktops, and servers including Microsoft Surface.

Acronis also provides for IT infrastructure monitoring for analyzing and generating reports on the performance of Microsoft Cloud hybrid infrastructures and on-premise infrastructures with a SAS based tool. This ensures that essential systems are running properly to meet service level commitments.

In a nutshell, Acronis delivers critical data protection services at low costs for businesses that run on Microsoft products and services. With an option of offering data protection services to data in Acronis’ infrastructure, your own infrastructure or a third-party infrastructure, Acronis is very flexible. Its deployment options are also very flexible with an option of starting with an Acronis hosted turnkey and then upgrade later as your needs increase to gain more control. With its multi-tenancy support, you can protect your servers in clouds; desktops laptops and other Microsoft application workloads.